Monday 6 December 2010

Week 9 supervisor meeting

The outcomes of the meeting were:
  • Last week I wrote an introduction skeleton for which the structure and content was fine. I've tweaked and expanded some sections where recommended.
  • I've been making a grid of approaches in the literature to aid their comparison. So far I've compared literature from 2010 and 2009, but am going to continue populating this grid over the next week.
  • One of the common tools used in the literature is the Neural Network approach. Although I have a basic appreciation of the topic, I'm going to need to read up on the underlying theory in order to evaluate the benefits of various approaches.
  • With regard to data and experiments, I'm now at a stage where I have data from 3 houses, collected from both AlertMe and Ploggs available to me. This week I'm planning to use Matlab to apply some basic techniques from the literature to our data.

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