Wednesday 9 May 2018

Presentation videos from NILM 2018 in Austin now available

I only recently noticed that videos from NILM 2018 in Austin are now available as a YouTube playlist. Here's a full list of the videos:
  • An Experimental Comparison of Performance Metrics for Event Detection Algorithms in NILM
  • Real-Time Itemized Electricity Consumption Intelligence for Military Bases
  • Scalable Energy Breakdown Across Regions
  • Pecan Street's Dataport
  • Making Sense of UK smart meter data
  • Poster Lightning Talks
  • A Practical Discussion of Lessons Learned Deploying Disaggregation at Broad Scale
  • An Emulator for NILM and Smart Home Research
  • Panel Discussion on NILM Outlook & Next-Generation Applications
  • On the Feasibility of Generic Deep Disaggregation for Single-Load Extraction
  • FactorNet for Energy Disaggregation
  • Post-processing for Event-based Non-intrusive Load Monitoring
  • Power Signature Obfuscation using Flexible Building Loads
Credit to Stephen Makonin for cutting up the videos and uploading them!

Tuesday 1 May 2018

BLOND office environment data set released

Thomas Kriechbaumer & Hans-Arno Jacobsen of The Technical University of Munich (TUM) recently released BLOND - a building-level office environment dataset of typical electrical appliances. The data set contains voltage and current readings for aggregated circuits and matching fully-labeled ground truth data (individual appliance measurements). The study covers 53 appliances (16 classes) in a 3-phase power grid in Germany. The authors have released two versions of the data set:

  1. BLOND-50 contains 213 days of measurements sampled at 50 kHz (aggregate) and 6.4 kHz (individual appliances).
  2. BLOND-250 consists of the same setup: 50 days, 250 kHz (aggregate), 50 kHz (individual appliances).
The data set is also described in more detail in the following publications: