Tuesday 14 December 2010

Real data from Alex's home

Today I've been looking at some real data collected over a 4 day period from Alex's home. A large proportion of my time has been spent getting used to matlab, but I'm getting there slowly. I extracted changes greater than 100W in his overall power demand over the period. However, this is a 1-dimensional feature vector and does not make a very interesting plot, so I've plotted it against the time of day at which it occurred. The plot is below.

Any points that sit on a horizontal line are power jumps of the same value, and are therefore likely to be the same appliance. A few of these lines are visible over this small data set which is encouraging. The clearest of which is near the bottom left corner.

In addition, there's a clear cluster just to the right of the centre of the graph. This shows that time of day is a more useful feature vector for some appliances than others.

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