Monday 11 November 2019

Towards reproducible state-of-the-art energy disaggregation

This week Nipun Batra will present a paper which aims to improve the reproducibility of state-of-the-art NILM at BuildSys 2019 in New York. The full paper is available online, which describes the new experiment and disaggregator APIs in NILMTK, along with a number of algorithms implemented in the nilmtk-contrib repository. The work will also be presented during the demo session to give NILM researchers some hands on experience using NILMTK's new disaggregation algorithms.

Wednesday 6 November 2019

New Slack channel for the NILM community

Vicente Masip has set up a Slack channel for researchers to discuss anything related to NILM. Slack features include:

  • Organised discussions: low f., highf.,home,industry,datasets
  • Shared cloud resources at two clicks from your desktop.
  • Polls
  • Shared document editing
  • Personalise each notification alert
  • Repository of git repositories
  • Chat (Faster than emails or forum)
  • Space for NILM job candidates and recruiters
  • Place to announce NILM papers publications, keynotes, workshops
The channel is open for anyone to join - please go ahead and introduce yourself! The invitation link is as follows:
and the channel URL is: