Wednesday 1 December 2010

November 2010 Activity Log

This month I had planned to:
Identify and fill any gaps in literature survey on NIALM.
Thoroughly read most relevant papers in the subject of NIALM.
Read a good chunk of the Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning text book.
Collect a range of research in the HCI/energy field.
Get hold of some real large scale aggregated appliance data from both Ploggs and AlertMe meters in a residential setting.

This month I achieved:
Collection and reading of a good coverage of NIALM literature.
Comparison of literature using conceptual map and grid of techniques.
Read the probability theory section of the Machine Learning text book.
Got hold of 1 week of real domestic energy data and performed basic analysis using Excel
Investigated Gaussian Processes.

Next month I plan to:
Collect data from a variety of households, metered using different techniques.
Use Matlab to apply increasingly complex machine learning techniques described in literature.
Read up on relevant parts of HCI and Ubiquitous computing fields

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