Friday 17 December 2010

Real data from Enrico's home

Here's another plot of the changes in power from Enrico's home. Enrico has the largest amount of uninterrupted energy data, and I've therefore been able to plot 5 months worth of data (July - November). Enrico's data is was again collected from AlertMe.

This plot is really interesting in that there's a solid baseline of approximately 200W throughout the day and night. This is most likely because there is some appliance(s) that continuously switch 'on' and 'off' throughout the day. In addition, the jump in power ranges between 0W and 200W.

There's also two clusters representing morning and evening when appliance 'on' and 'off' events are more likely to occur.

I've also plotted the raw power values at minute intervals below.

In addition to the trends visible on the first graph, this also shows the morning and evening clusters separate from the baseline.

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