Monday 21 October 2013

Neurio - a new energy disaggregation product looking for Kickstarter funding

Jack Kelly recently linked me to an exciting new company called Energy Aware. Energy Aware are currently seeking Kickstarter funding to develop their electricity disaggregation technology Neurio, which consists of:

  • a hardware sensor featuring two CT clamps, capable of reporting voltage, current, real power and power factor at 1 second intervals
  • a set of cloud-based disaggregation algorithms which breakdown your household electricity usage into individual appliances

Two things strike me that set Neurio apart from the competition:
  1. Interconnectivity with third party services - Neurio are keen to connect the detected appliance switch events (e.g. lights turned on) to any third party services through their open RESTful API.
  2. Real-time notifications - The company will also provide a mobile app, with the aim of notifying their users when an appliance (e.g. oven) is left on.