Thursday 22 November 2012

New name, new domain

I recently decided my blog could do with a little refreshing to more closely reflect its content. I've therefore changed its name to Disaggregated Homes, which can now be found at Please update your links, although any visits to the old URL should be automatically redirected.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Opening up the “black box” of the Home

Yesterday I attended a Smart Demand seminar titled 'Opening up the “black box” of the Home', organised by Pilgrim Beart, founder of AlertMe. The purpose of the seminar was to present a range of ideas related to smart metering in the UK, and to discuss what would need to be done in order to collect a data set that accurately describes domestic electricity consumption. The seminar was well attended by UK energy monitoring companies, such as Moixa and Onzo, but also represented views from academia. I particularly enjoyed Miroslav Hamouz's talk on the abilities and limitations of disaggregation, and completely agree that it is essential to understand what disaggregation can realistically achieve using actual smart meter data.