Wednesday 15 December 2010

Real data from Gopal's home

Here's a similar plot of changes in power, collected at minute intervals over a 1 month period. The system used this time was AlertMe. This plots when a change in power occurs, against the time of day.

This plot really doesn't seem to provide much information, as there aren't distinct clusters like were visible in Alex's data. I'm not sure why this is, but it could be due to an appliance with unpredictable 'start' and 'stop' signatures.

However, it's also interesting to just plot the raw data (power values against time of day).

Surprisingly, this shows a number of distinct clusters. While the first plot contained a data point for each 'on' and 'off' event, this graph contains a data point for every minutely power reading. This shows a clear repeating pattern each day, and although it isn't so useful in identifying which appliances are 'on' at certain points, could be used to predict when already identified appliances are likely to be used.

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