Wednesday 13 March 2013

NIALM companies in France

I've recently come across two (fairly) new French companies working on energy disaggregation, so I thought I'd share a short summary of each. I've also updated my post on NIALM in industry.

Fludia, Paris, France

Fludia is a French company specialising in energy management, who aim to provide their customers with technology to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. They have developed a device to retrofit non-smart meters, called Fludiameter, such that 1 minute resolution energy data can be collected without installing a whole new meter. Fludia also provide a tool to break down electricity consumption into its end uses, called Beluso, which makes use of household aggregate data and also information entered from a household survey.

Wattseeker, Nice, France

Wattseeker offer a datalogger, which includes a number of current clamps and the ability to upload data via 3G, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. These current clamps sample the current and voltage at a kHz rate since real and reactive power are reported, along with harmonics etc. However, the installation does require a short shut down of the building's power. Their disaggregation system, LYNX, then disaggregates the electricity consumption to provide actionable energy saving suggestions. Their website indicates that each current clamp can disaggregate up to 12 appliances, with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

Thanks to Jack Kelly for the link to Fludia!

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