Tuesday 19 February 2013

NIALM and limited sub-metering

I've read a couple of papers recently about using minimal sub-metering to enhance the accuracy of NIALM. They are:
This problem introduces an interesting trade-off between disaggregation accuracy and physical intrusion. I've definitely wondered where I should be installing appliance plug monitors in my home, and this type of approach potentially provides such answers.

However, I can't help but feel that any intrusion beyond the installation of a household-level monitor prevents the scalability of this technology. I accept that 100% disaggregation accuracy for a previously unseen household with a single aggregate meter is likely be to impossible. However, I find software solutions far more compelling than hardware solutions, due to their ability to scale to any data set containing a single stream of aggregate readings. Furthermore, I think the state of the art in unsupervised NIALM is still far from the best that can be achieved, and there are still many algorithmic improvements to be made.

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