Thursday 12 April 2018


CSR Tales is blog devoted to documenting the stories behind research projects. They recently published a post written mostly by Nipun, covering the story of NILMTK - from the idea's first inception to the rapid development and release of the code and papers. Nipun, Jack and I all look back fondly on this project as some of the most open and productive scientific work we've ever done, and it makes us all really happy to see the project being used by the community. Having said that, none us have much time to keep up with the project these days, which is why we're really excited to welcome Paulo Meira (a postdoc at the University of Campinas in Brazil) to the core NILMTK team. We're keen to continue expanding the NILMTK team to allow the project to grow, so if you're interested in shaping the project's future then please get in touch :)

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