Wednesday 27 January 2016

PNNL NILM User Group

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has set up on online NILM user group via the Conduit platform. The user group consists of a monthly call, followed by an online summary and discussion. The group aims include:
  • vetting NILM metrics and test protocols
  • exploring utility use cases –mapping NILM characteristics and performance levels to each use case
  • better understanding non-US products and use cases;
  • maintaining a list of NILM products, including overviews on new products
  • sharing field test results
  • informing future NILM projects, including surveys to provide feedback on projects
The first call was on 6th November 2015, and gave an overview of PNNL's recent analysis of the performance of a number of NILM vendors in the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's NILM field study. Challenges with evaluating the performance were also highlighted along with planned next steps to overcome these challenges and potentially accelerate the development of NILM technologies. EPRI also gave an overview of the NILM segment of their EE Symposium. The full webinar is available to watch on demand.

The user group welcomes any researchers who wish to join and contribute to the discussion. See you on the next call!

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