Monday 24 November 2014

Energy disaggregation bloggers

There's a great amount of blogging going on in the NILM research field, so this post aims to collect all these resources together in a single hub. As always, please let me know if I've missed anyone!

Nipun Batra

Nipun is a final year student at IIIT Delhi, who writes about energy disaggregation research, as well as some more general programming solutions he has come across. Nipun also kicked off the NILMTK project.

Mario Berg├ęs

Mario is an assistant professor at CMU, who mostly writes about upcoming workshops and conferences which are highly relevant to NILM. Mario is an incredibly busy person, which somewhat explains why he describes his own blog as having a tendency to remain silent.

Kyle Bradbury

Kyle is a postdoctoral energy fellow at Duke University, who writes about a broad spectrum of energy issues beyond that of just NILM. Kyle is involved with a number of interdisciplinary energy projects at Duke, which draw from disciplines such as engineering, economics, policy, and behavioural science to solve energy problems.

Suman Giri

Suman is one of Mario's students at CMU, who writes about recent developments at their Intelligent Infrastructure Research Laboratory. Suman has done some great work around high-frequency NILM, and has released code for both data collection and disaggregation.

Jack Kelly

Jack is a final year student at Imperial College London, who frequently writes on his energy disaggregation blog. He's very active in the community, and has released a UK data set as well as open sourcing his metadata project. Jack is also a collaborator (and chief architect) on the NILMTK project.

Stephen Makonin

Stephen is a postdoctoral research fellow at Simon Fraser University. Stephen has completed a large amount work in the domain of smart meter data analytics, as well as releasing the AMPds data set.

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