Wednesday 16 April 2014

Introducing NILMTK: an open source toolkit for non-intrusive load monitoring

Today, Nipun Batra, Jack Kelly and Oliver Parson are really pleased to announce the release of NILMTK: an open source toolkit for non-intrusive load monitoring. The toolkit will allow researchers to easily develop algorithms which disaggregate a household’s total electricity consumption into individual appliances.

Specifically, the toolkit includes:

  • a number of parsers to read public data sets into a common format
  • a suite of statistical functions to analyse such data sets and identify potential problems
  • two benchmark energy disaggregation algorithms
  • a suite of evaluation metrics to compare disaggregation algorithms

Further details can be found in the accompanying paper recently accepted at e-Energy 2014 available via arXiv and Soton ePrints:

  • Batra, N., Kelly, J., Parson, O., Dutta, H., Knottenbelt, W., Rogers, A., Singh, A., Srivastava, M. (2014). NILMTK: An Open Source Toolkit for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring. In Fifth International Conference on Future Energy Systems (ACM e-Energy). Cambridge, UK. arXiv:1404.3878

This release is hopefully just the beginning of the toolkit’s contribution to energy disaggregation, and as such we welcome feedback and contributions to all aspects of the project.

This has been cross posted via Nipun Batra’s blog, Jack Kelly’s blog and the ORCHID project blog.

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