Friday 12 July 2013

Belkin Energy Disaggregation Competition

I've just come across an energy disaggregation competition set up by Belkin on the Kaggle platform. The competition focuses on the disaggregation of high frequency data, from which Belkin provide the following features:

  • Spectrogram of high frequency noise
  • Fundamental and first 5 current harmonics on each phase
  • Fundamental and first 5 voltage harmonics on each phase

The competition supplies this data in two sets:

  1. Training set - includes both aggregate features and appliance ground truth
  2. Test set - includes only aggregate features

This idea is for participants to train their disaggregation algorithms on the training set, and upload the result of their disaggregation algorithms on the test set. Participants will then receive a score reflecting the accuracy of their algorithm's output. The deadline for the competition is 30 October 2013, and the top prize is $14,000, so get busy disaggregating!

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