Thursday 20 June 2013

Comparison of public disaggregation data sets

Over the last year I've maintained a list of the public data sets which have been useful in my disaggregation research. However, I've found it's still quite time consuming to compare the finer details of the data sets, and I often end up trawling through papers or sifting through the data itself. For this reason, I've attempted to build a table which allows easy comparison between important attributes of each data set. As always, please leave a comment if you notice any errors!

Data set Institution Location Duration # houses # sub-meters per house Features Resolution
REDD MIT Boston, MA, USA 3-19 days 6 9-24 V, P aggregate, P sub-metered 15 kHz aggregate, 3 second sub-metered
BLUED CMU Pittsburgh, PA, USA 8 days 1 0 (manual switch event labels available) I, V 12 kHz
Smart* UMass Western Massachusetts, MA, USA 3 months 1 25 circuits, 29 appliance monitors P, S circuits, P appliance monitors 1 second circuits, various appliance monitors
Tracebase Darmstadt Germany N/A N/A N/A P 1-10 second
Sample data set Pecan Street Austin, TX, USA 7 days 10 12 S 1 minute
IHEPCDS EDF R&D France 4 years 1 3 I, V, P, Q 1 minute
HES UK DECC UK 1 month - 1 year 250 13-51 P 2 minute
AMPds Simon Fraser University Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada 1 year 1 19 I, V, pf, F, P, Q, S 1 minute

N.B. I don't maintain this table of comparison, so please see this post for an up-to-date list!

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