Wednesday 14 December 2011

NIPS - Day 3

Today was another great day at NIPS, although I think the long days are starting to take their toll. The sessions were pretty cool, with some some great invited talks. I even noticed a few crowdsourcing papers making their way into NIPS, which I've already passed on to people in my group who might be interested.

Instead of the standard restaurant lunch, I decided to try to make the most of my last full day in Granada and go on a walk around the old town. There was so much stuff I would have missed I had not have strayed far from the conference venue, so really glad I made the effort. I took a few photos on my phone which I've stuck at the bottom of this post.

In the poster session I found one paper that was particularly relevant to what I do:

I think the method used for deciding whether to predict outcomes in financial markets is similar to the way in which our approach ignores observations from other appliances described in our paper. Their method of expanding single states of the Markov process to add more detail was also really interesting. I'll have to read their full paper when I get a little more time.

Tomorrow morning contains the last of the sessions at the main conference, followed by a visit to Granada's famous Alhambra. We then make the bus journey up the mountain to the workshops is Sierra Nevada.

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