Wednesday 23 February 2011

IEEE Pervasive Computing 10 (1): Special Issue on Smart Energy Systems - part 2

Froehlich J, Larson E, Gupta S, et al. Disaggregated End-Use Energy Sensing for the Smart Grid. Pervasive Computing, IEEE. 2011;10(1):28-39.

This article provides an excellent overview of a wide range current approaches towards NIALM. In addition, the authors provide detail of their approach using high-granularity sampling of voltage noise. Support Vector Machines were used to classify the extracted features against a database of known appliance signatures.

Although the described approach uses a very different method to sample data, it raises some issues relevant to my work. The discussion of which features are able to be generalised between appliance types or households is of particular relevance to any unsupervised NIALM systems. The authors also mention that current smart meters report consumption data with 15-minute granularity. I'm not sure where this figure came form so is therefore worth investigating.

Other papers I want to read from this special issue:
  • Marchiori A, Hakkarinen D, Han Q, Earle L. Circuit-Level Load Monitoring for Household Energy Management. Pervasive Computing, IEEE. 2011;10(1):40-48.
  • Bergman DC, Jin D, Juen JP, et al. Nonintrusive Load-Shed Verification. Pervasive Computing, IEEE. 2011;10(1):49-57.
Interesting papers from elsewhere:
  • L.G. Swan and V.I. Ugursal, “Modeling of End-Use Energy Consumption in the Residential Sector: A Review of Modeling Techniques,” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 13, no. 8, 2009, pp. 1819–1835.
  • Liang J, Ng SKK, Kendall G, Cheng JWM. Load Signature Study—Part II: Disaggregation Framework, Simulation, and Applications. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. 2010;25(2):561-569. Available at:

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