Thursday 7 October 2010

First Week

This week has been the first week of my PhD, which has been mostly taken up my admin stuff. I've sorted out my computing account, got a desk and ordered a computer. I've also had a meeting with my supervisors, Mark and Alex, to define a topic, this was the outcome:

Investigation of collaborative human-agent appliance disambiguation from domestic energy use. Also, investigating the benefits of sharing the raw energy usage and derived recognition results over a social network.

I also attended one and a half days of compulsory induction material.

I am planning to attend some lectures from the MSc Energy Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering, in addition to intensive courses on probability and game theory.

I have been reading parts of a PhD thesis titled 'Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption Through Behaviour Modification'. I've also been reading a couple of papers titled 'At the flick of a switch: Detecting and classifying unique electrical events on the residential power line' and 'Reducing domestic energy consumption: from psychology to technology'.

I have been reading the book 'Sustainable Energy - without the hot air' by David MacKay when I get the chance.

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